Learn to Make Success your Priority


Let us be real, success is difficult. Not complicated, only hard.

It is difficult because we are wired to search for quick fixes, simple outs and strategies to keep from failing.

And it is not our fault. Our brain needs to make use of the path of least resistance. If we actually desire to be successful, we must really go against our nature and challenge the two of the most frequent obstacles that knock us off class:

1. Pursuing “magic bullets”
2. Worrying failure

Today, I would like to rewire how you think about success and allow you to break down these barriers once and for all.

Success Obstacle #1: Pursuing “Magic Bullets”

A magic bullet is the only THING you believe can help you reach your targets. Marketers know how strong magic bullets can be. Thus the millions of websites yelling taglines like, “THE ONE SUPERFOOD YOU need to EAT!!!”

Following is a classic example from the fitness world:

You understand Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson… warming upBTW, this really is simply The Rock warming up. He’s a successful model. He is a review model in triumph.

Some men claim they had “kill to possess his arms” or “do anything” to be as powerful as him.

Those same men ask “How can I get enormous like you? Tell me your secrets, PLEASE!”

The fact remains, the same does not keep secrets. The truth is, the same’s released his complete diet and exercise regimen online and also in interviews many times.

When folks find out what the same eats and the kind of exercises he does, their reaction is shock and rage.

Instantly, people attack the same.

1. “The same eat 6,000 calories a day and 10 pounds of food!?!”
2. “That is absurd to work out 4 hours a day!”
3. “Who has time to eat and work out like that!?”
The solution to all or any the above: You had do that also in case you truly needed to be that large.

Really, what did they believe he was really going to say? “Well, it actually comes down to my Acme brand gloves.”

He is that huge because his diet and workouts are CRAZY. That is what is needed to be the greatest at what you do.

We believe there has to be some secret he is not telling us because most people are trying to find that magic bullet. A quick fix to generate us successful.

Whether you are attempting to begin a small business, locate an excellent occupation or enhance your fitness… MAGIC BULLETS do not EXIST.

Rather than feed you lies about the way you can do ONLY THIS ONE THING to achieve success, I’d favor to tell you the truth about how difficult success is — then reveal to you the precise roadmaps to get there (more on that shortly).

Success Obstacle #2: Fearing failure

Anxiety about failure is quite a real matter. And it holds us back in lots of manners.

For example:

  • We do not apply for that job because we are certain there is “no way” we can get it.
  • We do not speak to that girl (or man) because she is “out of our league.”
  • We do not take that class that could possibly alter our lives because “what if it does not work for the girl (or guy?”

My good friend, James Altucher, the writer of the favorite novel Pick Yourself and a successful entrepreneur who has neglected MANY times, sat down to talk about this with me.

The reality is the fact that we’ve got to don’t be successful. So anytime we confront failure, we have to reframe as a wellspring of feedback as well as a means to succeed next time we attempt. Not a motive to give something up.

So once we get past these obstacles, how can we get there? How is it possible for us to really become successful?

The Roadmap for Success.

Here is my roadmap for success — 3 strategies you may utilize to get the most freedom from your own life.

These are not shortcuts. Hard work continues to be needed. However they’re going to compound your benefits.

Success Strategy #1: Find a mentor — how one e-mail can get you life-altering guidance

Life is full of tough choices:

  • In the event you pick the good-paying job with all the Fortune 100 firm…or work for this startup that may not be around in 18 months?
  • If you return to school for an MBA or study online?
  • If you go to a larger city or remain where you’re where you’ve got some contacts and buddies already?

The appropriate path for you is not consistently clear.

The great news is there are folks who have already walked down all the paths and they are able to let you know what to anticipate. This is the reason you should discover a mentor. One call or e-mail from the can save you YEARS of challenge and frustration of coping with a poor choice.

A counterintuitive truth is the fact that mentors do not constantly need to be individuals you meet face to face. You will get access to successful mentors from the novels or sites you read.

With a $10 publication (or free from the library) and 2 hours of your time, you are able to learn from a very long time of someone’s work and expertise. I will take that ROI any day.

To take this thought to another degree, it is possible to follow up with the writers you read.

It is as easy as sending a fast word to thank them for writing the novel and telling them especially how you have found success through their guidance.

NOTE: Before doing so, you need to have crystal clear expectations for what a mentor will provide for you. Here are some things to remember:

Do not focus on becoming paid. You would like to optimize for learning, and ensure the mentor understands this. Should the mentor offer to pay you for work, that is good, but definitely do not ask for this up front.
NEVER ask a mentor a question Google can certainly answer for you. Do your homework before you ask active folks for responses. If Google could provide the response in 20 seconds, do not squander your mentor’s time. You would like people to allow you to solve complicated and extremely significant issues in your own life instead.
Place in the work up front. I say that in the event that you place in 10x the work that leads to 1000x the results. So do not slack or half ass your way through assignments or jobs. Focus on becoming world class and absorbing all the knowledge you can from them.
In the event you’re feeling like you are not getting valuable expertise, do not feel like you’ve to keep the relationship going. Do not simply disappear and not return their calls and e-mails. But definitely do not waste either of your precious time. Convey your feelings and proceed.
Success Strategy #2: Be exceptional — do not play the same game as everyone else

As an undergrad at Stanford, I saw folks apply to occupations the standard manner and get rejected for job after job.

Then I understood if you learn to play an entirely different game than everyone else, you do not have to be concerned about defeating your competition…because you do not have any!

This is the way I got a job offer from Google. Neil asked myself “What does everyone else do to get hired and how can I set myself apart?”

Reply the majority of folks send in their own resume and await a call back.

To divide myself from the group, every week I sent an evaluation to the man who had the job I needed.

He eventually discovered myself and recognized my burning urge to work there. When a spot opened up, myself was naturally the very first man he thought of.

Myself successfully scored an interview by playing an entirely different game. Myself never sent in a curriculum vitae and sat around awaiting a phone call, but I did get the occupation.

Myself broke all the rules, and, occasionally, that is just what is needed to be successful.

Ask yourself:

  • “When everyone else zigs, how can myself zag?”
  • “What can everyone else do that would make me a clear, standout victor?”
  • “Who’s great at this that should not be and how can I learn from their techniques?”

Frequently these questions demonstrate you how you can develop a better strategy than everyone else — so instead of expecting things work out you can in fact get ahead. Attempt using these questions to be distinct and have a better strategy the very next time you attempt something new.

Success Strategy #3: Take action — Establish a target, evaluation answers and get comments

Lastly, when you have a notion of what you would like to do in life — whether it is finding a Fantasy Job or commencing a company of your own — take action toward your target and pay attention to the feedback you get at each measure. It is actually that easy.

Myself try and look at things as if I am a scientist, running an experiment. Myself did x. Was it successful? Did the scientist get the effect I needed? Why or why not?

Afterward, the scientist make corrections for next time, and proceed.

This might seem like I am skimming over that which we must do here.

However, the truth is it is far better to take action and learn from our errors than to sit on our hands and dream of all that could be.

Success actually is not about being catapulted into the stratosphere overnight. It is about taking consistent activity, examining different choices, and seeing the effects.

The truth is, you can begin executing some life-altering evaluations in your own life now…

Here’s how: I asked 15 of the world’s top specialists — folks like Neil Patel, Noah Kagan, BJ Fogg and Josh Kaufman — to share a number of the best tests they have run.

Master mind power . Move objects like a pro.

All these really are the precise evaluations that’ve helped them become extremely successful.